Thursday, 12 February 2009

Rally tomorrow

To keep up the pressure on the university and to show them that we won't be intimidated by threats there is a rally planned tomorrow (Friday 13th) at midday on the steps of arts one.  Please try and make it if you can to show your support for the occupation.


  1. Guys - an update for you...

    I'm sitting outside the security cordon - they are looking into the feasibility of cutting off the network in the building and also I have heard mentions of having the doors taken off to gain entry.

    The woman on security has challenged me as to my presence and has tried to have me removed from the building after I have stated that I am in support of the occupation.

  2. Futher - it appears that they are looking for the slightest excuse to call the police into the building on suspicion of you having committed any sort of crime so that they can have you forcibly removed...

    Looks as if they're heading towards strong-arm tactics at the moment.

    As well as this, the Union Council don't seem to positive about this all - by the sound of things they are most peeved that you've not gone to them first... pah!

    Keep the faith guys!

  3. Well surely that's understandble. If you had gone to them and they had turned you down, despite widespread support, then you have the moral high ground, and any claims of lack of cooperation would be like water off a ducks back.

    However it is too late for that, i think at this stage it is necessary to support the occupation in the form it is currently taking, and hope that the demands are met!