Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Quick update for the night:  Relations with security have taken a much more positive twist with previously hostile members leaving and new staff arriving and discussing things with the students.  The University have been in contact with the occupants and some small scale negotiations have started.

Also, just to clarify on a previous point, the union has not yet voted on the occupation (this will happen tomorrow) but are currently obliged to support student protest.  Whether they support us or not as a specific action will be decided tomorrow.


  1. Well done y'all!

    Check out my initial reaction:

    Call me?: 01603 219294. If I can help, e.g. by mediating, I would be very happy to do so.

  2. Hi to all of you at UEA, and well done. You are all doing something amazing for Gaza and for student activism and power. Students up and down the country have a renewed vigour right now, because the occupations have proved that we have the power to change things, and that the next generation doesn't have to fuck up as much as the last one did.
    In solidarity from the School of Oriental and African Studies, Elly xx

  3. Eastern Region Green Party is now officially backing the UEA occupation:

  4. hey, good news, keep it up will see you in the morning - just a quick suggestion. maybe get a petition written up and printed out so that those who want to make their voices heard but also sleep in their own beds can sign up on something - here is Ian Gibson Norwich North MP and Charles Clarke Norwich South MP respective email address:

    keep it up!!

  5. Comrades,

    excellent, excellent effort. you have fully renewed my faith in a student body that was once richly active but had suffered some... set backs in the past.

    once again the uea student body proves to be one of the more radical student bodies. victory to the students and victory to gaza!

    i am sure you are in contact with other groups etc.

    all the best and in solidarity,

    Rachel B.

    p.s. good luck at union council tomorrow! i am a rep but alas i am in the states, otherwise you would have my full support. actually i would be there with you right this second!

  6. hi guys! more solidarity from soas! also, put yourselves on the occupation messageboard!

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