Thursday, 12 February 2009

Occupation ends

The occupation of UEA has just ended, after a hectic 24 hours.  The reason for ending the occupation have been two fold.  Firstly, the uni authorities have shown a willingness to enter into negotiations over some of our demands (and have provided a letter in writing to that effect) and we will soon present the uni with a list of signatures (over 100 in total so far) in support of what we did, and our aims.  The second reason was much less positive, we were told that the university could not guarantee that the occupation would not be forcefully evicted during the night (hands up who can spot the barely veiled threat).  Because of this we are entering into negotiations with the university who should grant at least some concessions.  Should they renounce this agreed position then it is indeed possible that direct action will flair up again, but that is yet to be seen.  We would like to thank all those who sent us messages of support and who helped us in any way, it really meant a lot to see such solidarity and support in the face of some truly idiotic disinformation tactics.  We will be gathering more signatures until negotiations begin.  Watch this space.


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  2. Well done. Follow up is what you need now. Make sure that the negotiations are taken seriously.

  3. The uni should have just locked you idiots in there and waited for your food and water to run out. I can imagine that your supplies would run out long before the uni began to actually care.